Rewards FAQ

How do I join Wizard Rewards?
You can easily do this Online or Instore.
What does it mean to ‘Activate’ my Account?
To activate means we have all the information we need from you to give you maximum Rewards. If you do a quick sign up, you can get the card and start earning points, but you can't use the points until you're activated.
How do I activate?
If you have registered and provided your email, you should have received an email with a unique code on it. If not, simply call or drop in to your Preferred Wizard Pharmacy for help. If you don’t have an email, simply drop in and we’ll sort it out for you!
How do I earn points and how many?
You earn points for Shopping with us. We also give bonus points from time to time. You will usually earn 3 pts for every $1 spent in store, Seniors earn triple points. But like we said, we have heaps of offers on certain products and promotions. We also have Bonus points and other offers.
Can I check my Balance Online?
Yes, if you've provided your email. If you haven't, head in to store. You can check in there or provide an email and we can set you up Online.
How do I get my card?
Come and grab one in store BUT if you have an email address on our system you don't technically need one as we have Virtual Cards for email customers.
What if I lose my card?
Easy, we give you a new one when you're next in store.
How do I redeem Points or Vouchers?
Head in store and shop from our huge range!
How can I update my address?
If you have provided an email, just log in and change, or you can come in store and we'll do it for you.
I've moved, and want to change my 'Preferred' Pharmacy?
No problem, just email
If I don't want to have a card how does that work?
You can have a ‘Virtual Card’. If you know what this means then it’s easy. If you don’t understand we can show you in store.
Can we have a family card?
No because Wellness is our focus, we need to know who YOU are. By having a card per person you also get more rewards, starting with a $10 activation voucher that can be spent on anything!
Can we get points on anything?
Almost everything. There are a few exclusions such scripts, and a few promotional lines.
How quickly do the points get on the card?
I'm a Senior / Pensioner / Veteran Card Holder, what do I get?
Wizard Rewards is great for Seniors. You get Triple points, Bonus Points, Vouchers, Exclusive Access to Special Events. This may also qualify you for discounted scripts after January 1.
Are you going to send me heaps of emails etc?
No, you control how much we speak to you.
What's the minimum spend on points?
Nothing. Well technically 1c, but close enough! No waiting for a $20 voucher to arrive, do it when you want to!
Can I donate my points to charity?
Yes you will be able to but not until early 2016. So start saving them up and we'll let you know when!
Do Vouchers expire?
Some do some don't. Expiry Dates are shown on your profile or we can let you know in store.
How do I use a voucher?
You can print them, but you don't really need to as we have them on record in store.
Can I use the vouchers at all stores?
Different vouchers will have different conditions on how you can use them. Don’t worry though we will explain how to use the voucher and where when we send you an email or you can check your account online for more information. 
What happens with 2-3 Wizard so close to each other?
Basically you can earn points at any of them, you can also burn points at any of them. The only small hitch is with a few of the vouchers, they will need to be used at your Home Pharmacy! But most are fine to use throughout our Pharmacies.
What is a Preferred Pharmacy?
This is your Home Pharmacy in which your account has been set up in. It acts as a point of contact if you have any issues or questions that you would like to talk about with one of our friendly team members. 
What about prestige ranges like Clarins and Clinique? Do I get points on these?
Oh yeah!
What is the points balance on the receipt?
This is the balance BEFORE this transaction minus any points you have spent.
How do I know how many points I earned on this transaction?
You can check your account later on line, or ask us in store. There is a full points audit trail so we'll never miss anything.
What if I think I missed out on points?
You can check out your statement online, or Come and see our manager.

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