From the 1st January 2016, the government allowed pharmacies to discount the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) co-payment (currently $6.20 for concession card holders and $38.30 for general patients) by up to $1. It was left to the individual pharmacy to choose whether to give that discount as it was the pharmacy that pays for it, not the government. Wizard Pharmacy chose to offer this discount to our Wizard Rewards members who hold a current concession, pension or veteran affairs card.

    There were some restrictions the government placed on pharmacies giving this discount. One of these is that if the customer picks up their prescription within 20 days of their last dispensing, they were not eligible for the discount and must pay the full co-payment. This is a government directive and we cannot legally give a discount if this occurs. So if you pick up 2 lots of the same medication on the same day, you will pay $5.20 for the first dispensing then $6.20 for the second one.

    Finally just to clarify the safety net implications of the $1 discount. The $1 discount will not count towards your safety net limit for the year. For 2016 the limit is $372 for a concession card holder. This means that if you get your scripts with the $1 discount ($5.20), you will need to pay for 71 scripts (given all scripts also had at least 21 days between each dispensing), whereas if you pay the normal $6.20, you will reach the limit after 60 prescriptions. For this reason we are informing customers who reach their safety net that the $1 discount means they will take longer to reach the limit and there is no net benefit to them.

    The PBS is a complex system and pharmacies have to try and relay this information to you the customer the best way we can. More information about the PBS can be found at

    Wizard Pharmacy hope this clarifies any questions you may have. If you have any more queries feel free to jump on our website and click on the Contact Us link.

    Wizard Pharmacy is proud to announce that we have raised more than $255,000 for the Starlight Children's Foundation which is equivalent to granting 39 Starlight Wishes. 
    "We simply couldn’t do it without you… Thank you team Wizard" said Starlight Children's Foundation

    Christmas has come early for one lucky customer of Wizard Pharmacy. As part of Wizard Pharmacy’s launch of their new loyalty program, Wizard Rewards, customers were given the chance to win $10,000 when they pre-registered to be part of the program.
    Wizard Pharmacy is proud to announce that the winner of the $10,000 prize is Janine from Subiaco. 
    Having recently gone through a career change that saw her move from a HR role into the education sector, Janine from Subiaco has said that she plans on using part of the prize money to build up her teaching resources. Janine explained that she made the decision to change career paths as she wanted to have a job that she felt passionate about every morning when she woke up. 
    A firm believer in you get what you give, Janine would also like to give back by using some of the money to sponsor a child. Wizard Pharmacy is delighted to know that Janine will not only be spoiling herself and loved ones this holiday season but also others.
    Wizard Pharmacy is continuing to celebrate the launch of Wizard Rewards by offering anyone who joins and activates before January 11th 2016 the chance to win a BRAND NEW Kia Sportage, valued at $29K! Wizard Rewards members earn on extra chance to win the car for every $10 that they spend instore.
    Pictured; (from Left) Lyndon Dyson; CEO, Janine, prize winner & David Gooderham; Retail Manager.

    Wizard Pharmacy, who is committed to keeping the community healthy, vaccinated nearly 4,000 people against a potentially fatal disease estimated to cause more deaths than road accidents every year: between 1,500 and 3,500 annually.
    Experts estimate that influenza in Australia causes more than 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations per year, with children and the elderly more are risk. By vaccinating the community we can limit the number of people visiting their GP or being hospitalised.
    Lyndon Dyson, Director of the Wizard Pharmacy Group said “Wizard Pharmacy has experienced a fantastic consumer response to our 2015 Flu Immunisation campaign with just under 4000 vaccinations being performed in our pharmacies”.
    “We were very pleased to provide such a strong community-based health service. Immunisation rates in the Western world have been falling recently so it is indeed very pleasing to see that Wizard Pharmacies were able to deliver such a well-received service to our local communities”.
     It also gives Wizard Pharmacies a great sense of satisfaction and pride that by delivering our immunisation program we were also able to donate $10,000 to the Starlight Foundation. We look forward to next year when we hope to perform in excess of 10,000 Flu immunisations and continue our long association with the Starlight Foundation”.
    Wizard Pharmacy has been working with the Starlight Children’s Foundation Since 2008, donating more than $240,000 to help grant over 37 wishes. Starlight's mission is "To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families". When a once-bright life becomes dulled by needles, hospital visits and painful treatments, Starlight helps sick kids forget their illness and re-discover the joy of childhood.
    Jayne Graham, State Partnerships Manager WA for the Starlight Children’s Foundation said, “Every minute of every day a child is admitted to hospital and while health professionals focus on providing the best medical treatment possible, Starlight is there to add fun, colour and laughter into the experience of hospitalisation for seriously ill children.
    “Starlight receives no government funding and relies solely on the support of the community and organisations like Wizard Pharmacy to deliver Starlight's vital programs to seriously ill children and their families. “The on-going support of Wizard Pharmacy Services and their continued commitment to Starlight is incredible.”
    Wizard Pharmacy is focused on our consumer by delivering science and nature based wellness solutions to enhance the quality of life.

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