Nicorette Fresh Fruit 2mg Gum 105

Nicorette Fresh Fruit 2mg Gum 105
Nicorette Gum Regular Strength Coated Freshfruit 2mg is sugar-free.
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Use in adolescents under professional supervision only. See side panel for information on Nicorette Combination Therapy. Read pack insert before use.

Nicorette Gum is a quit smoking aid.

Nicorette Gum works by relieving nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It may be used to: 1. Stop smoking abruptly, or, 2. Cut down smoking before stopping.

ActiveStop supporting you, body & mind. 

Visit the Nicorette website for additional support in stopping smoking.

Nicorette Combination therapy: If you have relapsed with single nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or if you have cravings with single use NRT, you can use Nicorette 2 mg Gum, in addition to Nicorette Patch for better craving relief. This may increase your likelihood of quitting.


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