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Give your child a head start at school

The first day of school can be quite frightening! There are many new faces, new rules and so much new information for your kids to take in. The new school year always presents children with a new set of challenges and new academic milestones to be achieved. A great way to support your kids during this period is to give them some extra nutritional support for optimal brain health.

Support mental focus and behaviour with fish oils

Support of children’s brain health has to start with the basics: a fish oil supplement and a multivitamin an mineral formula. The omega-3 essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are vital for the developing brain. Most children do not eat enough oily fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines, so if you are looking for an easy way to get the essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, into your children’s diet then come in and discuss some of the great tasting options available.

Nutrients for the brain

To support the brain, certain vitamins and minerals are required, including zinc, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, folate and vitamin C. Iron is a key nutrient for the brain, and is essential for energy production.

Iron is commonly deficient in children, leading to lethargy, irritability, apathy, fatigue and an inability to concentrate. A high quality multivitamin and mineral is a great way to provide all the essential key nutrients required for general wellbeing and to support healthy brain development. If you are interested in providing your child with some extra nutritional support, we have a number of options we can discuss with you.

Improve kids’ concentration

Herbs that support mental performance and nervous function include brahmi, ginkgo and gotu kola. These herbs have been shown to improve memory and learning in children by improving their focus and resilience under pressure.

These herbs may be particularly helpful if your children have poor concentration. All these herbs are available from Wizard Pharmacy in a great-tasting chocolate-flavoured powder that you can mix with water or milk.

Is the new school year stressing your kids out?

If your child becomes stressed and anxious at the prospect of the new school year, a combination of calming herbs may be helpful. The herb passion flower can help to calm children whilst improving focus and behaviour. German chamomile is another great herb for children to gently calm their anxiety. Other nutrients such as magnesium and calcium also play a role in normal sleeping patterns and nervous system function. These herbs and minerals are also available at Wizard Pharmacy in a pleasant tasting powdered form.

Simple tips to improve your children’s schoolyear

As well as the nutritional supplements discussed, there are some simple things you can do to help your kids cope with all the challenges and excitement of the new school year.

• Make sure your children eat a nutritious breakfast – there are many cereals out there that contain high levels of sugar, which can affect their concentration. Choose a healthy whole-grain cereal for their breakfast. Eggs are also a great way to start the day, as the protein can help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the morning.

• Get your children off to bed at a reasonable time. Children need more sleep than adults and lack of sleep can affect their learning.

• Get into a regular routine and stick to it; this will make the start and end of the day less stressful for both you and your children.

• Encourage your kids to talk about their day. This helps them develop their communication skills and can give you valuable insight into how they are going. If you sense any p

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