Wizard Franchise Opportunities

Wizard Franchise Opportunities

Franchise options available from only $2000 a month!
Increased Loyalty with Wizard Rewards
Increase customer loyalty & lifetime value!
Reaching 50% of WA Homes!*
RAC Member Benefit's Only Pharmacy Partner
We’re Customer Centric

At Wizard, we’re pharmacists, we’re retailers & we’re all about the Customer!

As pharmacists, we’re here to help you and your team develop the knowledge, skills and tools to grow an efficient pharmacy business. As retailers, we offer consumer centric solutions to help you deliver Customer success. Through innovative systems, we’ll empower you to grow your business.

  • Unique equity sharing structure. Gain equity in your brand!
  • Community Partnerships driving Consumer Aggregation Strategy
  • Professional Services & Training driven by Pharmacists
  • Profitable Strategies driven by Retailers
  • Online store delivering Click & Collect customers
  • Backed by an expert, local support team
  • Extensive, targeted multi-channel advertising

When you join the Wizard family you’ll be supported with Inventory Management, Professional Services, Training, Brand and Local Area Marketing, Data Analytics, Targeted Consumer Insights, Retail Services and a range of Innovative Systems. You’ll also benefit from the strength of our Wizard Rewards customer loyalty program and, for WA Pharmacies, our partnership with RAC Member Benefits, giving you the ability to reach 1 million West Australians and 50% of WA households!*

Want to know how many members are in your pharmacies local area? Just ask.


Get in contact today!Affordable fee structure from $2000 per month!
The Wizard Way

So, what makes Wizard different? Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life through Science and Nature Based Wellness Solutions. It's why we exist and what we live by. To enhance our Customer's lives. To enhance our Team's lives. And, to enhance our Franchisee's lives through delivering the support you need to grow your business.

How do we do this? Through delivering on these five key factors:

  • Customer centric model to deliver Customer success
  • Quality service delivering complete Customer solutions
  • Evidence based medicine and product range
  • Added value through brand aligned community partnerships
  • Operationally efficient infrastructure and support for franchisees
Own part of YOUR brand

At Wizard, we offer Franchisees a unique equity share of the Wizard Brand. You will not only reap the benefits of what Wizard can do for your Pharmacy, but you will also be part of creating the future strategic direction of the Brand itself! Want to know more? Give us a call.

Don’t let the Brand own you, own part of YOUR Brand!
Professional Services

Our range of Professional Pharmacy Programs are supported by a team of Pharmacists, providing you with coaching and ongoing support from one Pharmacist to another, enhancing patient outcomes and enabling you to maximise your professional services revenue streams.

We back our programs with promotional support to raise awareness and help position your pharmacy as a health and wellness destination.

  • Programs led by a team of Pharmacists
  • Regular Pharmacy visits
  • Ongoing coaching and support

An engaged team means better customer service, improved profitability and more fun in a great team culture! Our training is lead by a Pharmacist, providing personal development that engages your team, building confidence, motivation and passion.

  • Customer Success training, delivering a customer focused culture
  • A fully integrated learning management system
  • Outcomes based with progress tracking
  • Career development pathways
  • Health Solution Training
  • Invest in only the training you need.
Designed & Delivered by Pharmacists for Pharmacists!
Inventory Management

In a challenging retail environment, it’s imperative to manage stock well. We have grown margins year on year, leading to increased profitability. Our expert Inventory Team will review your product range, analyzing sales, margins, stock turns and other key inventory metrics to maximise your return on stock investment.

  • Improve margins, increase profitability
  • Maximise return on stock investment
  • Full product lifecycle management
  • Effective supplier deal management and retail pricing strategies
Retail Services

We’ll help you understand your customers and how to use every corner of your Pharmacy to deliver the best customer experience. Receive merchandising and store layout advice from our experienced retail experts that entices, inspires and engages consumers.

  • Retail team support to deliver customer success
  • Improve merchandising and store layout
  • Aggressive retail promotion execution
  • Ticketing and POS
  • Mystery shopper program

With an annual investment of close to $2m per year in WA, Wizard delivers an multi-channel media plan like no other. Utilising TV, Radio, Press, Catalogues, along with Social, Digital, Out-Of-Home, Email and Mobile, we ensure we reach targeted consumer groups effectively.

We focus on understanding consumer behaviour through data and psychographic insights to identify market opportunities to increase awareness, drive engagement and nurture customer loyalty for your pharmacy.

When you join Wizard, you become an omni-channel pharmacy, giving your current customers the ability to click and collect and gaining access to new customers through our online store.

  • Over 34 promotional campaigns each year
  • Personalised & relevant content delivered to your customer
Wizard Rewards

We understand the need to not only provide great customer service but to provide exceptional value.

Wizard Rewards, our customer loyalty program, offers exceptional value. We see a higher return rate with Wizard Rewards members, who spend on average more than non-members!

  • Loyalty
  • Value
  • Engagement
  • Acquisition
  • Increase basket spend
RAC Member Benefits Partnership

We continuously strive to create added value for our community, our customers and our franchisees. Our partnership with RAC Member Benefits is one way we’ve achieved this. Through the partnership we offer RAC members 5% off most purchases which gives our franchisees access to RAC’s one million members, covering 50% of Western Australian households!*

Want to know how many members are in your pharmacies local area? Just ask.

*RAC Data: Business Information Solutions

Franchise options from only $2000 a month!

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