Wizard Franchise Opportunities

Wizard Franchise Opportunities



Adelaide & South Australia 

Darwin & Northern Territory

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We’re here to help you and your team develop the skills to grow an efficient pharmacy. Through innovative systems, we’ll empower you with a more profitable and sustainable business.

When you join the Wizard family you’ll be supported with Inventory Management, Professional Services, Training, Brand and Local Area Marketing solutions, Retail Services and a range of Innovative Systems.

You’ll also benefit from the strength of our Wizard Rewards customer loyalty program and our strategy to partner with top tier organisations that, in WA, has seen Wizard gain access to 50% of households!*

Why choose Wizard Pharmacy?

  • Data driven inventory strategies tailored to your local demographics
  • Consumer loyalty group partnerships driving customer growth
  • Extensive multi-channel advertising campaigns
  • Professional Services & Training driven by Pharmacists
  • Best of breed innovative business systems
  • Online store delivering Click & Collect customers
  • Unique equity sharing structure. Gain equity in your brand!

Let’s chat about how Wizard can help you and your pharmacy

We’re value, not discount.

Back in 2005, Wizard Warehouse was a well known discounter. Pharmacy, retail and most importantly what customers want has changed a lot since then. 

Since 2014, Wizard Pharmacy has developed an innovative Franchise Model that offers both science and nature based health and wellness solutions, through a brand that delivers incredible value for franchise partners and their customers.

The Wizard Pharmacy Platform

Our Pharmacy Platform leverages best of breed systems and an expert team to support all areas of your pharmacy. This is essential for delivering innovation and change in a manageable way to keep up with an evolving industry.

This is underpinned by our Customer Success framework, enabling our franchisees to build stronger connections with their customers.

Innovation that empowers.

We’re focused on continual improvement and delivering innovative systems that empower you with a sustainable business. Don’t just take our word for it. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia named Wizard Pharmacy Kalgoorlie Central the Excellence in Professional Innovation category winner in the 2020 Pharmacy of the Year competition.

Let’s chat about how Wizard can help you and your pharmacy


We maximise stock ROI and take the time and stress out of your order management workload
  • As an independent brand, we have your pharmacy’s best interest in mind. We provide ranging guidance, tailoring your product selection to your local area’s demographics
  • Our system checks for overstocks and transfers within the group before placing orders for new stock
  • We use in depth data analytics to manage your stock very carefully, reduce dead stock and protect your GP
  • You keep control of Ethical and Wholesale ordering, but with the support of centrally managed ordering tools, we take the time and stress out of your order management workload

Supporting better patient outcomes

Our Pharmacists support your Pharmacists to deliver a tailored service offering for your community
  • Three dedicated Pharmacists, focused on both the implementation and delivery of Professional Services programs with your team
  • Support team embedded into your Pharmacy to drive better Patient outcomes and dispensary revenue 
  • The healthcare landscape is changing fast, and your pharmacy needs to also. Wizard delivers new and relevant professional services in a managed process that’s quality assured and timely 
  • Well managed innovation makes change easier to implement

Customer Connections

We drive awareness and foot traffic with a strong marketing mix and strategic partnerships with top tier organisations. 
We develop customer loyalty through the exceptional value of our Wizard Rewards program and great customer experience.

Customer Success 

Customer service training designed exclusively for Wizard Pharmacy by behavioural psychologists to deliver a Customer Success culture
  • A framework of service excellence behaviours that empowers your team to engage with customers, clarify their needs, offer the best solutions and maximise value for consumers and your business
  • Customer Success gives the leaders in your Pharmacy the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop themselves and coach your team with strong leadership practices
  • Delivers a customer experience that makes your retail pharmacy stand out and encourages return visits; growing customer loyalty and basket sizes
  • Delivered by a certified coach

Retail support,
​​​​​​​from retail experts

We understand how to use every corner of your Pharmacy to deliver the best customer experience

You’re already an expert Pharmacist. We’ll help compound this with expert retail support. Your Retail Development Manager will work with you to develop a comprehensive business plan. You’ll then receive guidance and support at every step on the journey to growing a sustainable and more profitable business.

Our experienced Retail Services team support you with:

  • Improve merchandising and store layout
  • Aggressive retail promotion execution
  • Ticketing and POS
  • Mystery shopper program

A Better Business. 
A Sustainable Future.

What does the future look like for you?
​​​​​​​Do you currently own one or more pharmacies and want stronger profits?
Want to explore expanding into an additional pharmacy business?
Are you looking to spend less time in the day to day and get back some work/life balance?

Our Pharmacy Platform is designed to:

  • Drive key pharmacy measures including profitability
  • Deliver a better experience for your customers & your team 
And, the best part? It requires less time and less mental and physical investment from you.

Let’s chat about how Wizard can help you and your pharmacy

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