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Wizard Pharmacy App

Wizard Pharmacy App

The EASY way to manage your meds from home.

The Wizard Pharmacy App, powered by MedAdvisor, allows you to organise all your medication and scripts in one place. Get reminders to take your meds, fill scripts or place orders in the app to either collect in-store without waiting or have home-delivered, contact-free.

Caring for someone else? We have a Carer's Mode too! All this is available on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Download the MedAdvisor App in the App Store or Google Play and call 1300 929 929 for your FREE activation code.


​​​​​​​Tap-To-Refill; Order prescriptions with a tap so they're ready to collect at the pharmacy - no waiting! Using the Tap-To-Refill feature, you can order prescription repeats to be dispensed in advance at your favourite pharmacy. Order one or many medications and add other pharmacy essentials to your order. You'll receive a message from the pharmacy as soon as your medicines are ready to collect. When you arrive at the pharmacy your scripts are ready to go!

Snap-n-Send; If you have a new prescription that you haven't taken to the pharmacy yet, you can send a photo of it to the pharmacy so that medication can also be dispensed in advance of your visit. Look for the Snap-n-Send area in the Tap-To-Refill screen and tap the Take Photo button to start. This feature is only available on Apple and Android mobile devices.


Reminds you when to take specific medication each day, at the appropriate times of the day.

The optional Take-My-Meds feature lets your smartphone or tablet alert you every time you're due to take medication. The notifications include details of exactly which medications are due at that time. This feature is only available on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Alerts can be set daily on certain days, or on weekly, monthly or annual schedules. Short or long/persistent alert sounds can be included. On Android devices a full-screen alert is available, and the alert sound can be customised.


Manage the medication of other family members from within your MedAdvisor account. With Carer Mode®, you can add the medication profiles of multiple family members and access all their medications, and all other MedAdvisor features, from a single account.

It's great if you organise the prescription medication for your kids, spouse or elderly parents.

Your family members' medications will appear in their own sections on the MedAdvisor home screen, and all other features are provided including all reminders and messages. With Carer Mode® messages and other features will clearly indicate which family member they relate to. To get started, your pharmacist simply issues you with additional activation codes, one for each family member to be added to your account. Pharmacists must collect appropriate consent from each individual you wish to add to your MedAdvisor account before they generate their activation code.


​​​​​​​Fill-My-Scripts automatically reminds you when to fill your recurring scripts, and chases you up if you forget. When you are close to running out of medication, MedAdvisor will send you a message providing information on the medication running low.

MedAdvisor knows when you fill scripts so it will only send these messages if you haven't filled your script five days before your medication runs out. If you don’t fill the script and don't mark this medicine as 'Finished', MedAdvisor will remind you again on the day the medicine runs out, and again when you've been without medication supply for three days as a final chase.

Fill-My-Script messages include a button to add the item to a Tap-To-Refill order, so you can easily order your replacement medication for that item. You can also edit the days' supply remaining if you have more/less supply than indicated or can mark the medicine as 'Finished' if you're no longer taking it.


Full information for all your medicines in easy-to-access sections, so you can quickly learn more.

For all your prescription medications MedAdvisor offers detailed, personalised information. The Medicine Details screen shows:

  • The active ingredient, brand name, strength and form (e.g. tablet, capsule, inhaler) of the medication.
  • An image of what the medication looks like, for all common tablet and capsule form medications.
  • Personalised directions (from the pharmacist). This will match the label stuck to the medicine box or bottle.
  • Full details of scripts and repeats.
  • Days supply indicator. This is updated with additional days whenever you fill your script but can be edited at any time.


MedAdvisor in collaboration with Diabetes Australia now supports the ordering of Diabetes products and management of your National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) service. MedAdvisor’s NDSS feature allows people living with diabetes to order their consumable products and ensure accurate supply in the pharmacy. To learn how to enable NDSS and the other Diabetes Features to your MedAdvisor account click here.


Download the MedAdvisor app today via the App Store, Google Play or access from your web browser. Then head into your local Wizard Pharmacy for your FREE activation code to start using MedAdvisor today​​​​​​​


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