APOHEALTH Aporyl Lacquer 5% Bottle 5ml

APOHEALTH Aporyl Lacquer 5% Bottle 5ml
For use as a anti-fungal nail treatment.
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Aporyl nail lacquer is used for the treatment of onychomycoses caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and moulds. This anti fungal nail treatment can be applied to finger nails and toe nails, one or twce a week.
1. Before painting with Aporyl nail lacquer, file down the infected areas of the nail, particularly the nail surfaces, as thoroughly as possible using the nail file. Caution: Nail files used on an infected nail must not be used on healthy nails. 2. Clean the surface of the infected nail with a cleaning pad. Put the cleaning pad aside, do not discard. 3. Dip one of the reusable spatulas into the lacquer. Do not wipe it on the neck of the bottle. Note: the spatula provides a measured dose of Aporyl. 4. Using the spatula, paint Aporyl nail lacquer over the entire surface of the infected nail. 5. When you have finished treating all of your infected nails, clean the spatula and the neck of the bottle with the same cleaning pad that was used during the treatment. 6. To avoid evaporation, close the bottle tightly. 7. Allow time for the nails to dry, 3 to 5 minutes. 8. Discard used cleaning pad and nail file. Stow spatula and nail lacquer for next treatment. Subsequent applications of Aporyl: File the infected areas of the nail using the nail file as required to remove any remaining lacquer, ensure that you do not over-file to avoid damage to the nail and surrounding area. Repeat steps 3 to 9.

Amorolfine, Hydrochloride.
Aporyl is for external use only, do not swallow APORYL. Apply only to finger nails and toe nails, avoid the surrounding skin. Always read the label, use only as directed. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that ingredient listings, product images and other information for products displayed on this website are up to date, accurate and complete. However, we still recommend that you please check the ingredient listings and warnings on a product before use.


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