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Energizer Recharge AAA Pack 2

Energizer Recharge AAA Pack 2
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Come pre-charged and ready to go, providing reusable power for the devices you love.
Own it now, pay later
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Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use.

Warning - keep batteries out of reach of children. If you suspect your child has swallowed or inserted a battery, immediately call the 24-hour poisons information centre on 13 11 26 for fast, expert advice.


All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that ingredient listings, product images and other information for products displayed on this website are up to date, accurate and complete.

We still recommend that you check the ingredient listings and warnings on a product before use.

Energizer's Recharge Batteries are sure to keep your many devices running for longer, saving you money and time and keeping you at the ready.

Key Features

These Recharge Batteries are the world's number 1 rechargeable battery brand, assuring you quality performance charge after charge.

With the need to replace batteries less frequently, you're saving money while also decreasing the impact of harmful waste on the environment.

Use Energizer's Lithium Batteries in anything from wireless keyboards and mouses to digital cameras, and keep using your devices without replacing the batteries.

Wash your hands before handling batteries.

Follow your device instructions to insert the new battery.

Store extra batteries at room temperature, not in the refrigerator or freezer.

Don’t carry loose batteries in your purse or pocket – contact with coins or keys can short-circuit them.

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