Nurofen Child 3 Month - 5 Years Strawberry 200ml

Nurofen Child 3 Month - 5 Years Strawberry 200ml
Nurofen for Children 3 Months to 5 years is a pleasant tasting liquid medicine providing effective pain & fast fever relief for your little one.
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Nurofen for Children is a pleasant tasting sugar free syrup formulated to target pain and fever in children. Nurofen provides fast and effective relief to help provide a reduction in temperature for up to 8 hours. Suitable for: Cold and flu sumptoms Teething pain & toothaches Earaches Sore throats Headaches Minor aches, sprains and strains It’s sugar free and colour free, comes in pleasant a strawberry flavour, and each bottle comes with an easy-to-use dosing syringe.
Shake the bottle well and use the syringe provided to measure the dose accurately. Push the syringe firmly into the neck of the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and gently pull the plunger down, drawing the liquid into the syringe. Turn the bottle right way up and gently twist the syringe to remove. To dose your child, press the plunger slowly down to gently release the liquid. After use replace the cap and wash the separated syringe parts in warm water and allow to dry (do not boil).

Ibuprofen 100mg/5mL oral suspension.
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