Fuse Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Fuse Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
Bluetooth headphones for listening to music.
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Embrace these Bluetooth In Ear Headphones, they are wireless and lightweight, but you won't have to compromise on sound quality. But wait, you also want the ability to answer calls and change tracks easily. They've got you ready to plug and play, these headphones can be clipped to your shirt or take advantage of the magnetic earbud backs to secure them around your neck whilst waiting for your next opportunity to drop a track.
Charging The Battery: 1. Fully charge the earphones before using them for the first time. 2. Plug the provided USB charging cable into the appropriate socket on the earphone and the other end into your USB device. 3. The light will turn red to indicate that the earphones are being charged. The light will turn blue after the earphones are fully charged. Pairing Your Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones: In order to use the earphones, they must be paired with a compatible Bluetooth device before you will be able to receive calls or listen to music on it. (“Pairing” means to establish a connection between Bluetooth devices. This makes compatible devices store the unique ID of the earphones at the same time). 1. Put the earphones and compatible Bluetooth device close to each other (no more than 3 feet apart) and press then hold the “on/off“ button until the LED light starts flashing blue and red. This tells you that the earphones are ready for pairing. 2. With your Bluetooth compatible device turned on, enable the scanning function to instruct the device to search for available connections (for directions on how to do this, please refer to the instruction manual for your Bluetooth device). When this is complete, you should see a list of all available Bluetooth devices within range. 3. Select “Fuse BT IE ” from the list, and this should begin the pairing sequence. After pairing has been successfully completed, you will hear a quick tone in the earphones indicating that the connection has been established. Now you can use your Bluetooth earphones to take incoming calls and listen to music.

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