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2 full bodied lashes with tapered volume.
Was $12.99  
Sits gently on the surface of the skin, giving a luminous, flawless finish, allowing your skin to breathe.
This advanced thickening formula nourishes and is suitable for contact lens wearers.
Was $16.99  
A staple powder brush to evenly disperse powder to set and complete your look.
Was $35.99  
Chrome plated toenail clippers with nail file.
Was $9.49  
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Contains liquid keratin to help replenish dry, damaged hair.
Was $9.99  
Chip resistant, longwear gel nail polish.
Was $18.95  
Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
Chip resistant, longwear gel nail polish.
Was $18.95  
Advanced 100% oil-free formula keeps skin fresh, clean, and shine-free for hours.
Was $19.99  
One size fits most for ladies sizing 5-10.
Creamy when applied so that colours can be blended out, sets to a waterproof finish for all day budge-proof and tear-proof wear.
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Recommended by dermatologists as a daily gentle cleanser for even the most sensitive skin
Was $29.99  
Pack of 3 long lasting dual grade emery boards.
Was $5.19  
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A mild foaming facial cleanser that removes dirt, oil and makeup without stripping skin of its natural moisture balance.
Was $19.99  
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