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Comfortable and secure fit.
USB rechargeable, frizz tamer & touch-up hairbrush.
Perfect for chic and modern ponytails.
Perfect for medium to long hair.
Non-slip elastic headbands perfect to keep your hair away from your face and when exercising.
Minimises hair damage, breakage and split ends.
Make every day a Scrunchie day, with colours to suit any occasion.
Creates bounce and volume.
Shell octopus claw perfect for thick hair.
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Ensures a comfortable and secure fit.
Slightly smaller version of the pinwheel, a little more subtle.
Soft and comfortable headband perfect to hold hair in place.
Perfect for fine hair.
Perfect for fine hair.
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Shell claw grip with silicone inserts to prevent hair slipping for a tighter and longer-lasting hold.
Strong locking design for durability.
Ideal for lifting, parting and styling hair, especially for braids.
Snap tight shell one-touch clips.
Minimises knotting and pulling of hair.
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