The contact nipple shields are specially designed and constructed to provide closer contact for your baby.
These storage bags are sterilised for hygiene and printed with a measuring guide and space for noting date of filling.
100% ultra pure lanolin for sore, cracked nipples.
Was $17.99  
Avent Ultra Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump has no-lean-forward design, for a relaxed expression position.
Discomfort and pain experienced during breastfeeding can detract from this amazing time of bonding with your baby.
Philips Avent Natural Breast Pump Manual allows more comfort for mum during feeding and more milk for baby.
Extra soft, ultra-absorbent and reusable.
Helps to relieve pain when the baby sucks and also protects against teething toddlers.
100% ultra pure lanolin for sore, cracked nipples.
Was $30.49  
A nipple protector to use while breastfeeding.
Avent Nipple Protectors helps you to breastfeed longer with sore nipples.
Skin loving oils and butters help to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of your stretching skin.
Slim, discreet breast pads to prevent leakage.
Nursing pads that slip inside the bra and absorb breast milk between feeds.
Organic oils help to moisturise, soothe and protect sore, tender nipples.
A discreet nursing pad to prevent leakage.
Breathable protective cover to help keep clothes dry while enabling airflow to help sore nipples.
These breast pads are designed for super absorbency, soft comfort, and complete discretion while breastfeeding.
Can help protect your nipples and collect excess milk.
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