4 lids in 1 cup, taking bubs from bottle feeding to toddler training in one value pack.
Features an innovative b.box weighted straw that moves with the liquid – whatever angle the cup is tilted.
The fast, safe way to warm expressed milk and baby food. Will warm 150ml of milk in around 3 minutes.
Nutritionally tailored for infants aged between birth and 6 months. Limit 6 per order.
Pack includes two spare straws and a cleaning brush - especially made for the new b.box sippy cup.
Limit of 6 per order. A premium, nutrient-enriched milk supplement specially formulated for toddlers from 1 year of age when energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate.
A slow flowing, wide shaped teat that makes it easy for a baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.
Can help protect your nipples and collect excess milk.
Helps keeps the soother to hand.
Limit of 6 per order. Scientifically researched to help build strong foundations for your toddler's future.
Gentle on delicate baby skin.
Designed for formula fed babies from birth with symptoms of lactose intolerance/maldigestion and diarrhoea caused by lactose intolerance. Limit 6 per order.
A milk rusk that can help provide relief for tender gums as your baby teethes.
Organic brown rice pasta stars suitable for babies from 7 months of age.
A great transition from bottle to cup, making it easier for your child and convenient for you.
Ultra fast and convenient. Sterilises 4 bottles in 2 minutes.
Can be used by both babies and adults for the relief of chafing, prickly heat, excessive perspiration and minor skin irritations.
A great transition from bottle to cup, making it easier for your child and convenient for you.
Bendy straw cup for with integrated anti-leak valve suited for babies from 9 months of age.
A 2 pack of pacifiers that are designed to promote extra air flow and minimise skin irritation. Design/colour may vary.
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