A ready to use temporary cement which re-fixes dental crowns, inlays and bridges.
Holdtite - Denture Adhesive Powder that holds false teeth firmly in position.
Colgate® Savacol® Alcohol Free Antiseptic Mouth & Throat rinse is an antiseptic mouth & throat rinse clinically proven to assist in the treatment of gingivitis.
Dentafix Temporary filling material is a self-cure temporary sealing compound for the temporary restoration of cavities.
Colgate NeutraFluor 5000 Plus Toothpaste is for individuals at high risk of caries. Limit of 1 per order
Limit of 1 per order
Limit of 1 per order
Bonjela Mouth Ulcer & Teething Gel is sugar free.
Cepacaine is an oral solution which provides rapid pain relief for conditions of the mouth and throat.
Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Electric Toothbrush surrounds each tooth and removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. Its round head cleans better for healthier gums (vs. a standard manual toothbrush).
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