Dencorub Dual Action Pain Relieving Cream begins to work on contact. Specially formulated it goes on feeling COLD TO EASE THE PAIN, then HEATS UP FOR SOOTHING TEMPORARY RELIEF of aches and pains of muscles and joints.
Dencorub Extra Strength Heat Gel?s concentrated hot formula provides fast, temporary pain relief from sprains, strains, painful joints, muscular aches and pains.
Dencorub IceTherapy Menthol Gel contains dual-acting menthol in a gel that goes on cool and warms up fast to soothe and provide temporary relief from mild Arthritis as well as sore backs and muscles.
DENCORUB PAIN RELIEVING CREAM provides fast, temporary relief from muscular aches and pains, sprains, back pain. It contains 20% methyl salicylate and is perfect for tired, sore muscles.
Dencorub Arthritis Cream contains active ingredient Triethanolamine Salicylate (10%).
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