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Colgate Advanced Whitening Tartar Control Toothpaste with active micro-cleansing crystals for whiter teeth in 14 days.


Colgate Travel Essentials Pack contains a Colgate Toothbrush, Colgate Total Original 40g Toothpaste, Colgate Plax Freshmint Mouthwash Travel Size, Colgate Total Waxed Floss 2.74m and Clear Resealable travel bag.


Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Multi Protection Toothpaste provides clinically proven instant and lasting relief for sensitive teeth.


Colgate® Triple Action Toothpaste provides three benefits for a deep clean: cavity protection, whiter teeth and fresh breath. Keep your family?s teeth cleaner and smiles healthier with Colgate®.


Colgate Plax Mouthwash Peppermint kills up to 99.9% of germs with 24/7 bad breath control.


Colgate's Interdental Brush 4mm Fine has been designed to effectively remove plaque between teeth.

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