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Hearing Loss Clinic

What is a Hearing Loss Clinic about?

Our sense of hearing is a precious link to the world around us. It’s important to our ability to communicate our thoughts, needs and emotions with the people we share our lives with. It gives us pleasure, it gives us information and it connects us. If you have signs of hearing loss it’s best to act early to minimise its affects.

Damage to hearing might affect the overall level of sounds, or it can selectively affect understanding of speech due to changes in the ability to hear certain frequencies. Often it does both of these things. Speech begins to sound muffled and unclear.
The degree of hearing losses can be classified as shown below:

Hearing impairment is a condition affecting over three million Australians or one in every six people. Hearing loss can occur at any age but is more prominent with age. As many as half the people over the age of 60 experience some form of hearing impairment and up to 3 in every 4 over 70 years.

Unless caused by a medical problem, hearing loss usually starts very gradually. It might not be noticed by the sufferer or those around them at first. This is because even with normal hearing you don’t hear perfectly in all situations. Once established though, hearing difficulties can quickly begin to affect many areas of your life including your self-confidence and your relationships.

What will I get?

A hearing check-up is the first step to better hearing. It’s the ideal opportunity to look for the clues and tell-tale signs that identify hearing problems.

In a private consultation area a trained Hearing Life consultant will ask you some questions about your hearing. You will then complete an online hearing screening, where you put on some headphones and indicate when you hear the tones. Based on your responses the Hearing Life consultant will suggest the appropriate next steps and recommendations.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the clinic is FREE for all Wizard Rewards Customers.

Can I do it?

This service is available to everyone over 26 years of age.

Where can I get it?

Hearing Loss clinics are available twice yearly at most Wizard Pharmacies.

Book an appointment now. 

A hearing loss check-up will take approximately fifteen minutes with a qualified Hearing Loss consultant. Book an appointment now.

What else do I need to know?

Four early signs of hearing loss include;

  • having difficulty understanding what people say when there are other sounds in the background

  • hearing words incorrectly and asking for repeats or volume to be raised

  • difficulty hearing soft or distant speech or if the speaker has an accent

  • not hearing sounds around you like phones ringing, doorbells and alarm signals.

If you’re aged 26 or over, you may also be eligible for free hearing services (including hearing aids) through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

Sources: Hearing Life Australia

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