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Script Reminder Service

Have you ever run out of tablets and discovered that you don’t have a valid prescription that you can fill?

Wizard Pharmacy through MedsAdvisor offers a Scripts Online and FREE SMS reminder service available for your smart phone, tablet or PC.

‘Pharmacist Phil’ can help you take your medication safely, effectively and on time by:

  • Reminding you when you need to see your Doctor again for a new script.

  • Reminding you when to take each dose.

  • Reminding you when you need to refill your scripts.

Never lose your prescriptions or forget to refill them again!

Don’t have a smart phone, tablet or PC? That’s ok to! Simply leave your scripts at your local Wizard Pharmacy. Our Pharmacists will dispense them and send you a message to come and collect them a few days before you are due to run out. We will also send you an important reminder when your script has finished so that you can get a new one before you need more. 

To take advantage of one of our Prescription Reminder Services visit your local Wizard Pharmacy.

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