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Weight Management

Living at a healthy weight has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases. At Wizard Pharmacy we understand that losing weight is different for everyone. Our Pharmacists can provide lifestyle tips and nutritional advice on how to lose weight and help you monitor your progress.

Our pharmacies offer a range of products and services to assist you in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Wizard Pharmacy offers the Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program!

Developed by a Pharmacist, and headed by a team of health professionals, the Program is based on sound nutritional science. You will learn to balance weight loss with the foods you love while learning healthy new habits for life e.g. eating low GI foods, including sufficient protein, healthy fats, fibre and snacks. You’ll be eating a variety of Tony Ferguson Meals including shakes, soups, and bars along with low GI meals and snacks each day.

Visit Wizard Pharmacy to manage your weight and enjoy a better lifestyle.

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